The Town of Derry Historical Survey was begun in 1986. It was funded in part by a federal “Historic Preservation Fund” matching grant from the National Park Service of the United States Department of the Interior, through the New Hampshire State Historic Preservation Office.

Information included in the surveys includes property addresses and/or a descriptive location, tax map/parcel numbers, style/period (where noted), date of construction (where noted), builder/architect (if known), and descriptive details (where noted). Where available, photographs of the properties are also included. Photocopies of the original surveys are also included, in PDF format, with additional information and topographical maps of the specific location of each property. Physical records are available for the public to view in the New Hampshire Room at the Derry Public Library.

Properties surveyed in this project include homes in East Derry, Upper Village, Lower Village, Downtown, West Derry, and outlying districts. The project was not completed and not all of the town of Derry is covered by this historical home survey. All information dates to 1986; changes in ownership of properties, changes made to properties, etc. after 1986 are not reflected in this collection.

Digitization of the project, begun in 2017 by the Derry Public Library, is on-going.